Hurricane Sandy Victims 2013-2014

On February 12, 2013, the Ron Darling Foundation donated $15,000 in Bob's Discount Furniture gift certificates.  The gift certificates went to families that had been severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.  The Foundation raised this money back in December, when it held it's 3rd Annual Texas Hold'em and Casino Night at Leonard's of Great Neck in Long Island, NY.  Bob's Discount Furniture subsequently matched this amount, bringing the total to $30,000.  The gift certificate money was dispensed amongst ten families - five in Staten Island and five in the Rockaways - all of which were impacted by the devastated storm.




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​Since it's creation in 2009, the Ron Darling Foundation has expanded its mission from working solely finding a cure for diabetes, to also helping those who are in need in local communities around the tri-state area. In doing so, we adhere to our motto "Real Money to Real People with Real Needs." In the past few years, the Ron Darling Foundation has worked in collaboration with various charitable groups and organizations to turn our mission into reality.

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Ron Darling is a former Major Leage Baseball player who spent the majority of his professional career as a starting pitcher with the New York Mets. During his thirteen years playing in the Majors, Darling amassed 1,590 strikeouts, a 136-116 won-loss record with 13 shutouts, and helped lead the Mets to the 1986 World Series Championship by victoriously pitching in Game 4 against the Boston Red Sox. Darling has also earned an impressive share of accolades, including selection for the 1985 All-Star team and the Gold Glove Award in 1989. Since retiring from the game, Ron has remained in the spotlight as a color commentator for national baseball coverage on TBS, as well as for the Mets on both SNY and WPIX, and has won an Emmy Award for “Best Sports Analyst” in 2006. However, all of his career accomplishments are secondary to his life mission to help find a cure for Diabetes for his son Jordan, 19, and the millions worldwide affected by the disease.

Our team is dedicated to making a difference. We worked with various charitable groups in the tri-state to contribute and create change. If you want to be apart of our mission make your contribution now.

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It's that time of year again, folks - poker time! And there's no better charity tournament than the Ron Darling Foundation's Annual Texas Hold 'Em & Casino Night. So join us at the Grand Havana Room on Monday, November 13th as we play for a great cause and continue to give "real money to real people with real needs." 

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